A treatise on the feeling that accompanies us in every second of our lives, which drives us through all obstacles and makes us do extraordinary things. From the point of view of an independent observer, this can sometimes be very amusing. And it doesn't even have to be that dream feeling between the partners. We always experience love in a different form: sometimes as maternal love, sometimes as the love of creation. Love of art and love full of passion… And sometimes love is completely blind.

The production follows the love of many forms and looks at it through important famous scenes of the labyrinth of dramaturgy - from Aristophanes to Chekhov. The scene is filled with great emotional charge and suddenly changes completely, just as we are used to in real life. But who is the director? God? Or ourselves? Or perhaps destiny? Who directs our actions and with what intentions do we love so much? The performance is without compromise. Not subject to commerce. Nor to any financial pressure - it only communicates what has been right inside us since the beginning of time.

Author and Director: Marianna Arzumanova

Cast: Eliška Nezvalová, Eva Alner Jízdná/Pavlína Kročová, Denisa Licková, Tereza Slánská, Jiří Valeš, Janusz Hummel, Igor Šebo.


06.04. 2018

Length of Performance

75 min.