A story about friendship with an unpredictable ending. It is a story that became a literary sensation in the USA in 1939 and reached the list of banned books by the German Reich Commissioner in the same year. A story about what can become of real living people crazy when exposed to distorted ideology. A story that is immortal and is still a worldwide bestseller. The story was "too strong to appear under the author's female name" and was therefore published under the pseudonym Kressmann Taylor.

The writer was most terrified that no one in America was aware of what was happening in Germany in 1938, and no one was interested. "I see a huge danger in indifference, so I felt the need to create this show today," says director Marianna Arzumanova .

Author: Kressmann Taylor

Director: Marianna Arzumanova

Cast: Janusz Hummel, Jiří Valeš, Tereza Slánská, Alisa Rezníková