Have you ever tried to kill a dragon? So many eyes, so many heads and each has its own trick! One evokes fear, the other breaks self-confidence, and the third slowly changes your perception of good and evil. And in the end, the "dragon", as we all know him, is actually a pretty cute creature. But the dragon of the playwright and novelist Evgeny Lvovich Schwartz is far from an obedient animal. A timeless philosophical tale about totalitarianism in all its forms and periods, it served as a model and came to life again under the direction of Marianna Arzumannová. This time, however, it emphasizes the current environment and current events in our world.

Where does the dragon follow us this time and in what form does it enter our souls in modern times? Do you feel it as a danger to yourself or do you firmly know that you can stand up to it? Killing a dragon requires excessive effort, but getting rid of the company's inner shackles and killing the dragon in each of us is a much more difficult task.

Director: Marianna Arzumanova

Cast: Petr Kolman, Štefan Radačovský, Jaroslav Tůma, Denisa Licková, Igor Šebo, Janusz Hummel, Jiří Valeš, Tatiana Abramova, Olga Achkasova, Soňa Beaumont, Elvíra Nikitina.


22.09. 2017

Length of Performance

80 min.